MappingXpress, an online service on Mapping Your Future, provides schools and other organizations a better way to collect documents from students and parents.

MappingXpress enables schools and organizations to streamline document collection and gives students and parents a convenient and secure way to quickly respond to the request for documentation and provide additional information with an electronic signature.

School financial aid office or business professionals can retrieve those documents securely from their Access Area on Mapping Your Future.

MappingXpress can help schools with document collection for different business processes, including: verification, admissions, scholarships, work-study, employment, or any process requiring the collection of document.

MappingXpress decreases the burden on busy financial aid offices as requirements to collect documentation from students continues to increase. Recent federal regulations have mandated more verification, which requires schools to obtain more documents from students and parents.

Benefits for schools and students

MappingXpress is easy to understand and use, making it more efficient for a school to retrieve, process, and manage documentation. Schools can take advantage of a number of customization options.

By using MappingXpress instead of faxing, students will be able to respond faster to documentation requests.

Through MappingXpress, students are able to securely upload documents in a variety of formats, through a school-specific website address.

More information

For more information on MappingXpress or to schedule a demonstration, contact the Mapping Your Future staff at or (800) 374-4072.