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This form is to set up an Online Counseling account or to become a participating member of Mapping Your Future.

  1. Online Counseling: Mapping Your Future offers a variety of counseling sessions to help educate your students about responsible student loan borrowing, financial literacy, and money management.
    1. If you already participate and would like to update any previously submitted information, contact us.
    2. For more information about Online Counseling, view the product specifications.
  2. Participating membership: If the designated guaranty agency for your state doesn’t currently Sponsor Mapping Your Future, you can become a participating member of Mapping Your Future to utilize the calculators, counseling, and other resources.
    1. For more information about Membership opportunities, click here.
    2. Only schools without a sponsor need to become Members. If you aren't sure if your school needs to become a Member, you can see a list of states here.
    3. If your school is already set up for Online Counseling, you should skip to the Membership request form.

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