Mapping Your Future: Learning about verification at your own pace

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Learning about verification at your own pace

By Catherine Mueller

January 21, 2021

Learning about financial aid verification can get very overwhelming very quickly, and that should make the Department of Education's new self-paced verification training course very appealing.

In the January 6 Dear Colleague Letter ANN-21-01, the Department announced the availability of an online, self-paced training course to assist financial aid administrators in completing verification for the 2021-22 Award Year. This training course consists of two lessons, Verification and Professional Judgment, as well as a Learning Assessment to test knowledge gained from the lessons.

According to the Department, financial aid professionals can access the training by logging in to Federal Student Aid E-Training. For those who don't have an account, the site has a link to create a new account in order to access the training. Questions about this training opportunity can be sent to