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Mapping Your Future featured in the news

By Catherine Mueller

December 17, 2020

Students and parents experienced a lot of changes this year when it comes to planning for college and pursuing financial aid to help pay for that education.

Mapping Your Future provides updated information for students and families, but also responds to requests from news media and other websites to provide expertise and answer questions.

Mapping Your Future was recently featured in a U.S. News article about how studying remotely can impact a student's cost of attendance and the amount financial aid received.

In addition, Mapping Your Future discussed how to pay for college and how to borrow student loans during two interviews with The University Network. In addition to the video interview, The University Network published a "How to Pay for College" article and a "How to Get a Student Loan" article.

These media interviews are a part of Mapping Your Future's strategic effort to fulfill its mission of helping students succeed by sharing information and resources.