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November 18, 2020

Normal routines

If it is Wednesday, we're having ham, beans, and cornbread.

The family meals were predictable when I was growing up. My mother, who raised nine kids, followed several routines (meals for certain days of the week being one) to stay organized to reduce some of her stress.

For many of us, 2020 has shaken our routines beyond any recognition of what we called "normal" pre-2020. If nothing else, this year has proven to us that we can't predict what will happen each day. But, while everything may seem uncertain, we do have some control over our own lives and our own routines. We can create our own version of normal by following some of our routines – despite the chaos in the outside world.

While it may not have matched 2020, there was chaos in the world when my parents were raising nine kids, and I am sure there were times of great stress. The routines may have eased some of the stress for my mother and made life easier for us kids.

After all, it gave us something on which we could be certain.

- By Catherine Mueller



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