Mapping Your Future: Schools reporting work-study wages encouraged to test system


Schools reporting work-study wages encouraged to test system

By Catherine Mueller

May 31, 2023

Consider it a sort of dress rehearsal for the sending of data.

The Federal Student Aid (FSA) Partner and School Relations Center will conduct campus-based school testing for schools reporting Federal Work-Study (FWS) wages from June 26, 2023, through December 15, 2023.

In a May 23 Electronic Announcement (EA), the Department of Education said the campus-based school testing provides organizations (schools, third-party servicers, and software providers) an opportunity to test campus-based program business processes and system software prior to the transmission and processing of actual production data. The tests will be run using the Campus-Based Common Record XML Schema Version 1.0a (Campus-Based schema).

According to the Department, the testing also allows schools, third-party servicers, and software providers the opportunity to make corrections or enhancements to software applications and processes prior to sending data to the “live” production environment.

The EA provides high-level information about the campus-based school testing. Complete testing information is available in Volume 4 of the 2023–24 COD Technical Reference.