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November 17, 2021

The heart of the matter

Maybe, at the center of it all, things really haven't changed that much.

For the past week or so, I've anxiously awaited the U.S. Census Bureau's identification of the population center of the United States. Then, yesterday the Bureau announced the population center of the United States moved 11.8 miles to a location near Hartville, Missouri.

This announcement was of interest to me for several reasons. First, I grew up just about 50 miles from Hartville and so I was wondering how close the population center would come to my hometown. Secondly, I am interested in these types of markers, and have visited both geographic centers of the United States in Kansas (for the lower 48 states) and South Dakota (for all 50 states).

But, most of all, I was wondering if the shift in population would reflect all the societal changes which has occurred in the past 10 years. Granted, some of those were taking place during the pandemic while the census was underway. But, with the expansion of online services and more people working from home offices (something that had been happening before the pandemic), I was wondering if the population shift would be greater.

Instead, the shift was a little less than 12 miles.

Perhaps this population shift is like any change – quite dramatic when we are living through it, but from a distance, one that we can easily navigate.

– By Catherine Mueller



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