Mapping Your Future: Make MappingXpress an integral part of your verification processes

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Make MappingXpress an integral part of your verification processes

By Beth Ziehmer

April 15, 2021

Collecting documents from students and parents securely and efficiently is key to the verification process. Nothing highlighted this need more than when the pandemic struck in 2020 and higher education staff were working from home for an extended period of time. Gathering mail or documents dropped off at the office in person were no longer daily tasks.

Even before the pandemic, schools, students, and sponsoring organizations have been easily and securely exchanging documents with Mapping Your Future's MappingXpress service. But since the pandemic, many more schools have turned to MappingXpress for a secure method to collect their documents. Some schools have separate accounts so the financial aid office, admissions office, registrar, etc. can each collect their own unique documents.

MappingXpress enables students and parents to quickly respond to the school or organization's documentation requests by uploading an electronic file of the requested documents. Schools retrieve the uploaded documents securely from their Access Area on Mapping Your Future, allowing them to efficiently process, organize, and retain the documents to complete the students' files in a timely manner.

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