Mapping Your Future: Department creates "Return to Repayment" toolkit


Department creates "Return to Repayment" toolkit

By Catherine Mueller

November 11, 2021

With a little more than two months before borrowers must resume repayment of their student loans, the Department of Education has prepared a communications toolkit for the industry.

Millions of borrowers are expected to resume repayment after January 31, 2022, after a nearly two-year pause, as a part of COVID-19 relief.

The Department of Education and others in the industry want to ensure that borrowers know about and are prepared for the resumption of repayment. As a part of that effort, the Department created resources for the industry to communicate with students, parents, and borrowers about how they can prepare for repayment to restart.

The resources include a Return to Repayment Fact Sheet for the education industry that highlights the key information to help professionals prepare borrowers for student loan payments to restart.

Among the resources for students and families are:

The Department notes that the information above is professionals to use in communicating with borrowers. Borrowers should not be sent directly to those links, but instead should be sent to