Mapping Your Future: Department of Education stepping up enforcement


Department of Education stepping up enforcement

By Catherine Mueller

October 14, 2021

Title IV violations can mean serious consequences, and anyone who knowingly violates the rules should probably look over their shoulder now. The Department of Education is planning a renewed focus on enforcing those rules.

In an October 8 press release, the Department of Education announced it would establish an Office of Enforcement within Federal Student Aid. According to the release, the Office of Enforcement will strengthen oversight of and enforcement actions against postsecondary schools that participate in the federal student loan, grant, and work-study programs.

The Enforcement Office will proactively identify and address major problems across institutions that pose widespread risks to students and taxpayers. The office will work closely with the Partner Participation and Oversight Office on a risk-based approach to oversight and compliance.

The Enforcement Office will be led by Kristen Donoghue, as the chief enforcement officer, who will report directly to FSA Chief Operating Officer Richard Cordray.