Mapping Your Future: More opportunities to learn about federal financial aid


More opportunities to learn about federal financial aid

By Catherine Mueller

October 14, 2021

When it comes to federal financial aid, it seems that there is always something new.

To help you stay current on the latest information, the Department of Education has updated the Learning Tracks in the FSA Training Center with 2021-22 content. According to the Department, Learning Tracks offers short, focused course on single-item subjects in categories such as grants, loans, and student loans. For the 2021-22 academic year, there are seven categories offering 26 different tracks.

In an October 12 Electronic Announcement, the Department said beginning with the release of the 2021-22 content, the Learning Tracks will be award-year specific. Financial aid professionals can complete the program each year to stay current with the latest information and guidance. Those who complete new courses will have the year reflected on their Record of Learning in the Training Center, enabling them to provide documentation that they have completed the latest courses on various topics.

According to the Department, three Learning Tracks, 2022-23 Verification, Administering Aid for Transfer Students, and R2T4 for Programs Offered in Modules, are still in development and will be released later this year.