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February 17, 2021

Tips to remember

I've been through winter storms before, but having lived in the South for a number of years, I've forgotten some of the ways of dealing with winter weather.

So I've been grateful for all the tips I've received this week on how to deal with the effects of this winter storm.

To say that it has been a rough week is putting it mildly -- with tragic car pileups on icy roads, no electricity or heat during freezing temperatures, and no water due to frozen pipes or utility issues. And this comes on top of the pandemic that we've all been dealing with for almost a year.

And yet, while we face these trying times, what I hope we will salvage from it is how people have helped one another. We are seeing some of the best of our neighbors and friends - both near and far. In addition to sharing tips and advice, they are checking on one another and offering to share food, water, or firewood. Families without heat are bundling up together in front of the fireplace, playing games and singing songs, like "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."

And while I plan to remember the advice (even though I hope we never need it again) what I hope to remember most is the way we cared for one another.

- By Catherine Mueller



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