Mapping Your Future: ED announces new Open Data Platform

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ED announces new Open Data Platform

By Catherine Mueller

February 09, 2021

A new website offered by the Department of Education may make it a little easier to find data on a variety of education topics.

The Open Data Platform (ODP) serves as a catalog of sorts, bringing together the Department’s data assets in one place.

According to the Department, the new site will enable educators, researchers, and the public to find exactly what they are looking for, and it introduces users to data that they may not have known the Department produces.

The site allows users to search by broad categories, like “graduation rates” or “teachers,” as well as to target searches. Moreover, the Department said the inventory will continue to grow as it publishes new data and further catalogues older data.

The Department asks users to provide feedback on the site’s features and functionality, suggest additional data sets of interest and use to the research community and the public, and offer other ways to improve the site by sending an email to