Mapping Your Future: How to succeed in high school

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How to succeed in high school

By Catherine Mueller

February 02, 2021

Successful high school students know that it isn't just one thing that has made them a success.

When asked what makes a student successful, most people will answer grades. However, grades are just a part of what makes up a successful high school student.

Certainly, grades are important, but there are other factors. Those factors involve being engaged in your education, participating in events, choosing interesting activities, and taking advantage of opportunities.

More specifically, successful students:

  • Join in class discussions
  • Ask questions
  • Keep up with class assignments
  • Introduce themselves and get to know their teacher
  • Ask for help when they need it
  • Students who practice these types of behaviors in high school will find they become a habit they take to college and then become successful college students.