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Mapping Your Future provides webinars on a variety of topics as a service to students and parents, schools, educators, and community organizations.

Webinars on-demand

If you can't attend one of our scheduled webinars, we encourage you to take advantage of these on-demand webinars.

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Verification worksheets

Mapping Your Future provides verification worksheets to assist schools with verification. Members (including schools in sponsored states) are asked to complete a short form before accessing these worksheets.

Counseling presentations

To help you meet the needs of your students, Mapping Your Future offers member schools a Direct Loan entrance counseling and a Direct Loan exit counseling presentation with corresponding Presenter Guides to provide the counseling text to aid in communicating the counseling content to your students.

Exit counseling materials

Mapping Your Future provides printable exit counseling materials that schools can download and distribute to the student loan borrowers to help fulfill exit counseling requirements.

Educational games

Mapping Your Future provides educational games to help schools educate their students about money management and student loan management. These games can enhance your school's default prevention plan.


Mapping Your Future offers a variety of calculators to help users with financial tasks like balancing a bank account, budgeting, and calculating student loan payments.

Prevent defaults and encourage debt management on campus
Money Management for Students presentation
Glossary of college and financial aid terms and acronyms
Glossary of financial aid terms and acronyms
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ABCs for college students

The ABCs aren't just for younger students. They can be helpful to college students, too. Mapping Your Future created a printable poster of the complete list of ABCs for college students.