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Details for Photographic Processing Machine Operators


Operate photographic processing machines, such as photographic printing machines, film developing machines, and mounting presses.


  • Remove completed work from equipment.
  • Place film in labeled containers, or number film for identification, by hand or by using numbering machines.
  • Read work orders and examine negatives and film in order to determine machine settings and processing requirements.
  • Insert processed negatives and prints into envelopes so that they can be returned to customers.
  • Load circuit boards, racks or rolls of film, negatives, and/or printing paper into processing or printing machines.
  • Fill tanks of processing machines with solutions such as developer, dyes, stop-baths, fixers, bleaches, and washes.
  • Sort film to be developed according to criteria such as film type or completion date.
  • Measure and mix chemicals to prepare solutions for processing, according to formulas.
  • Monitor equipment operation to detect malfunctions.
  • Clean and maintain photoprocessing equipment, using cleaning and rinsing solutions and ultrasonic equipment.
  • Operate special equipment to perform tasks such as transferring film to videotape or producing photographic enlargements.
  • Set and adjust machine controls, according to specifications, type of operation, and material requirements.
  • Maintain records such as quantities and types of processing completed, rate of materials usage, and customer charges.
  • Start and operate machines to prepare circuit boards and to expose, develop, etch, fix, wash, dry, and print film or plates.
  • Inspect film or circuit patterns on photographic plates to locate any defects; discard defective products or repair them, using cleaning solutions and hand tools.
  • Splice broken or separated film, and mount film on reels.
  • Retouch photographic negatives or original prints to correct defects.


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