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Details for Bookbinders


Perform highly skilled hand finishing operations, such as grooving and lettering to bind books.


  • Place bound books in presses that exert pressure on covers until glue dries.
  • Make boxes or specialty items such as binders and photograph albums.
  • Trim edges of books to size, using cutting or book trimming machines or hand cutters.
  • Design original or special bindings for limited editions.
  • Establish production procedures based on job orders.
  • Meet with clients, printers, and/or designers to discuss job requirements and binding plans.
  • Pack and weigh books, and stack them on pallets to prepare them for shipment.
  • Repair, restore, and rebind old or damaged books, including rare books.
  • Apply color to edges of signatures, using brushes, pads, or atomizers.
  • Apply glue to backs of books, using brushes or glue machines, and attach cloth backing and headbands.
  • Attach endpapers to tops and bottoms of book bodies, using sewing machines, or glue endpapers and signatures together along spines, using brushes or glue machines.
  • Compress sewed or glued signatures to reduce books to required thicknesses, using hand presses or smashing machines.
  • Cut binder boards to specified dimensions, using board shears, hand cutters, or cutting machines.
  • Cut cover material to specified dimensions, and fit and glue material to binder boards manually or by machine.
  • Fold and sew printed sheets to form signatures, and assemble signatures in numerical order to form book bodies.
  • Glue outside endpapers to covers.
  • Imprint and emboss lettering, designs, or numbers on covers, using gold, silver, or colored foil, and stamping machines.
  • Insert book bodies in devices that form back edges of books into convex shapes and produce grooves that facilitate attachment of covers.
  • Perform highly skilled hand finishing operations, such as grooving and lettering, to bind books.


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