Mapping Your Future: Top five early awareness tools to help students, parents

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Top five early awareness tools to help students, parents

By Beth Ziehmer

September 17, 2020

5. Website content: Mapping Your Future provides a variety of website content and tools to help students and parents plan and pay for college, such as:

4. Webinars: Mapping Your Future provides webinars of interest to parents, such as the October 6 "Completing the 2021-22 FAFSA" webinar.

3. Success in College guide: Students can learn how to achieve higher education goals and be a success in college. 

2. CareerShip®: Students can review careers by cluster, visit the featured career, match careers to interests, or search for a particular career. For each career, access tasks, wages, career outlook, education, knowledge, skills, and similar careers. 

And the number one early awareness tool is . . .

1. Guide to Life after High School: The Guide to Life after High School is an online education program at It covers a variety of life skills, college preparation, financial aid, and financial literacy topics.

Four different versions of the guide are available: freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior. The content included in the guides varies per grade level. For example, the freshman guide focuses more on choosing a career and preparing for college (academic and financial), with only an overview of financial aid, and the senior guide contains more details about financial aid programs and application procedures.

Sign up today and have your students complete the guides.