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October 21, 2020

When it's more than just a job

Maybe it wasn't your dream career.

Maybe you didn't dream about studying income tax returns until you knew more than you wanted to know about a family's finances. Maybe you didn't dream about pouring over federal regulations to make sure your office procedures comply. And maybe you didn't dream about speaking the language of financial aid professionals with terms like: R2T4, SAR, ISIR, COD, CPS, and IBR – to mention a few of the acronyms in this industry.

But maybe you are the kind of person who knows that while not all work is glamorous, there is something special about financial aid. Maybe you know your work is about helping that student who might not otherwise be able to pursue higher education. Maybe you know that when a student tells you about what they plan to accomplish, there is hope for the future.

And maybe, just maybe, you didn't dream of a career in financial aid, but once you started the work, you realized it was your dream after all.



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