Mapping Your Future: The importance of letting go in a world of many options


The importance of letting go in a world of many options

By Catherine Mueller

August 19, 2022

When it comes to planning for the future, students today are blessed with many career and educational opportunities.

At the same time, having so many options can be a curse if the abundance of choices keeps a student from deciding or causes them to regret that decision after it is made.

To avoid those feelings indecision or regret when choosing a career, selecting a college, or when making any decision for that matter, there are two basic steps students (or anyone) should take:

  • Thoroughly analyze all the options available. For complicated decisions, it may be helpful to develop a matrix to compare each option. For instance, if the student is deciding on a college, compare the attributes of each institution, such as the programs, location, cost, etc. The student should consider both what they need and how they want to achieve their goals.
  • Make the decision and don't look back. To be successful in any endeavor, that endeavor must be the focus of the student's life. It's also important for personal happiness. Anyone who spends too much time thinking about what-ifs or regretting a decision is not giving the choice they made a fair chance and is likely making themselves miserable in the process.

Honestly, just about every adult can admit to making a few bad choices in their lifetime. It happens. However, accepting that a decision was a bad one is a lot easier if you know that you did your best to make a sound decision and focused on making it successful.