Mapping Your Future: July tasks for high school seniors


July tasks for high school seniors

By Beth Ziehmer

June 30, 2022

During your senior year, you finalized your college choice. This year was filled with admission applications, scholarship essays, financial aid information, and deadlines.

Below are the tasks you should complete during the month of July:

  • Get help if you need it, such as contacting the financial aid office about changes in your family's financial situation or the student affairs office if you are in need of other assistance.
  • Make sure that you have the right technology to allow you to participate in your classes, especially online classes. For example, you may need a set of headphones to listen to online lectures.
  • Save money from your summer job.
  • Send thank you notes to everyone who helped you plan and prepare for college.
  • Make copies of your financial aid forms, health forms, etc. for your files to aid in resolving future issues.
  • Register for the fall semester.
  • Check on your college's COVID-19 related policies, such as mask or vaccine requirements, and keep a watch out for future communications as policies are updated.
  • Review your packing list for college and shop around for the best deals.
  • Prepare for the new adventures that await you in the fall!

Congratulations! It's time to get ready to start college.