Mapping Your Future: Time to prepare


Time to prepare

By Catherine Mueller

June 02, 2022

It's time to start packing.

That was my daughter's reaction as soon as she learned we were going on a trip – even if the trip was weeks away.

All that preparation paid off. She was the least likely of all of us to forget to something. On the other hand, her luggage took up more than her fair share of the trunk on a road trip. (Fortunately, my husband has some mad skills when it comes to loading the car.)

As my daughter has gotten older, she's less likely to start packing weeks ahead of a trip but has retained her great planning and organization skills. So much so, that she's often the one who is planning our vacations – finding great restaurants and fun sites.

So, now that June 1 is here, hopefully you are planning some time away from your desk.

Just start packing.