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Verification for 2018-19

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For those financial aid professionals handling the verification process, anything that lessens the burden, even slightly, is good news.

At the 2017 NASFAA conference in San Diego two weeks ago, Jeff Baker, policy liaison and implementation director for the Department of Education, discussed verification and issues addressed in the May 5 Federal Register and the May 25 Dear Colleague Letter.

For 2018-2019 verification, Baker announced:

  • There will be no changes to verification tracking groups.
  • Dependent students who do not file taxes will not have to provide proof of non-filing – a change that will help both schools and students.
  • Tax extenders must now show IRS proof of any extensions beyond the automatic 6-month extension.

Mapping Your Future provides verification worksheets for its member schools and updates the worksheets, as needed. Mapping Your Future also offers MappingXpress,® a secure document transfer service that enables schools to quickly and convenient collect verification documents from students.

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