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Net price calculator

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What does it cost to attend college?

The question is a very basic one but the answer can be very complicated and depend on a number of factors.

Effective October 29, 2011, the Higher Education Act of 2008 requires each U.S.-based college or university that participates in Title IV federal student aid programs to include a “net price calculator” on their website.

The net price calculator is intended to assist students and families in planning for college. By entering some financial and personal data on the form for a net price calculator, prospective students and the families can receive an estimate of the out-of-pocket cost to attend that particular institution.

While these calculators do provide insight into the cost, it is important to remember that the estimate received is just that - an estimate.

You can expect to receive the following information from a net price calculator:

Other considerations:

How can you use these tools to your advantage?

Net price calculators are just one step in the financial aid process.  Students/families can obtain an estimated cost of attendance (COA) on the institution's financial aid website to determine how the institution's budget aligns with their budget, or to compare the out-of-pocket costs between two or more institutions.

For more information about the net price calculator for any institution, visit that institution’s financial aid website, or contact their admissions and/or financial aid office.