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May 1, 2024

No easy decisions

When we see darkly – when we don't have enough information – making a decision is difficult.

That's not only true for students today on college decision day but also for financial aid professionals. Financial aid professionals are finding themselves trying to make decisions – sometimes about financial aid offers – without the information needed and unsure about some of the information they do have.

And while some students are able to commit to a college today, there are other students – especially those for whom financial aid is critical to their education – who are in the anxious situation of needing more information to make a good decision – for themselves, for their family, and for their future.

If this year's situation should bring anything to light, it is the hard work and dedication of financial aid professionals, who despite all the system errors, lack of information, and processing delays, have continued to show up to work to make sure students have what they need to commit to their institution and embark on a promising future.

And that commitment – both from students and from financial aid professionals – should not be taken lightly.

– By Catherine Mueller



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