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By Beth Ziehmer

June 06, 2024

If you are going to sign up for another newsletter, make sure it is something you can use. Mapping Your Future's newsletters offer timely tips and important industry information.

Don't miss out on valuable information delivered to your email inbox by signing up for all or any of the following newsletters:

  • Mapping Your Future Higher Ed News: The newsletter is e-mailed to recipients every other week and at other times to alert you about special circumstances, such as site outages. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide you with the latest information about Mapping Your Future services, events, and policy and regulatory information.
  • Tip of the Week: The newsletter is e-mailed weekly to provide a tip on a variety of topics, such as financial aid, professional development, default prevention, and financial literacy.
  • Early Awareness E-News: The newsletter is e-mailed monthly and is designed for high school teachers, counselors, and others who have an interest in preparing students for college.

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