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May 29, 2024

Taking wing

With eyes bright, they are embarking on their maiden flight.

Beginning this week, soon-to-be fully fledged college students are descending on college campuses across the country to attend summer orientation.

For incoming freshmen, it is a beginning. But for many parents, it's part of a journey that began long ago. The first look into the newborn's eyes gives promise for the future – that careful planning will be needed to ensure that this life will achieve all that is possible.

To help both parents of newborns and those of college students, Mapping Your Future provides a one-page college planning flyer for parents. The flyer provides guidance for parents of all students from newborns to college age.

This summer, many parents may shed tears at the prospect of a void at home. But this void should be seen as a fulfillment.

After all, they helped their child soar.

– By Catherine Mueller



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