Mapping Your Future: Got questions about Return to Title IV? Get the answers at the FSA Conference

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Got questions about Return to Title IV? Get the answers at the FSA Conference

By Catherine Mueller

September 03, 2020

Return of Title IV Funds is a subject matter that raises a lot of questions, and the Department of Education is actively soliciting those questions.

However, if you need an answer right away and if the question is related to COVID-19, you may want pause before hitting send on the email.

Your questions are being sought to be included in the Return of Title IV (R2T4) Funds session to be held at the 2020 Virtual Federal Student Aid Training conference in early December.

In an August 28 Electronic Announcement, the Department of Education asked institutions to submit to the Department any R2T4 related questions that they believe are common issues or critical concerns that would be beneficial if shared with all institutions.

The Department said it will review all questions submitted, but due to time constraints, presenters will focus on questions with the broadest appeal and those that include the most serious concerns about R2T4 within the higher education community. Questions can be submitted via email to by September 11, 2020.

The Department said schools should not submit questions that are related to COVID-19 or CARES Act R2T4 relief. Policy issues related to COVID-19 will be discussed in a separate FSA conference session. COVID-19-related questions should continue to be sent to

In addition, questions submitted to the Department as a part of the R2T4 session will not receive an individual response. Schools needing an individualized response to a Title IV related question should email