Mapping Your Future: Updates continue on site

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Updates continue on site

By Beth Ziehmer

June 25, 2020

The pandemic has changed so many aspects of our lives, and it is challenging to keep up with the updates to the information for current college students and student loan borrowers.

At Mapping Your Future, we partnered with another national nonprofit, The Institute for Student Loan Advisors (TISLA) that provides free assistance to student loan borrowers, to create

We continue to update the site as additional questions come up and as additional guidance is released.

The website is a free resource for both current college students and borrowers as they try to manage their financial aid and student loans during this crisis and beyond. There is no cost to any institution to share or link to the website

Our hope is that by contributing this resource along with the other resources available, students and borrowers will find the help they need during this time of crisis.