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October 14, 2020

Good dog

Not to brag, but my dog, Libbie, practices good manners - well, at least most of the time.

While she will wait for me to say, "Good Dog!" before she eats the food in her bowl, she does have some lapses in her behavior. Like when she digs in the trash, sleeps on the couch, or grabs that piece of muffin off the table.

Dog Libbie wearing a crown

Despite those mistakes, she is a good dog overall, and she does seem truly sorry afterward. I can forgive her. Besides, she is dealing with a lot of stress - what with being the emotional support for all the humans in the household.

Stress can cause us humans, too, to act in ways we wouldn't otherwise. And because - because 2020 - we've all probably been witness to some rude or unusual behavior in our fellow humans or maybe even ourselves. There's a lot going on right now impacting behavior.

Perhaps the most well-mannered thing we can do is to forgive.

- By Catherine Mueller



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