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September 14, 2022

Just keep going

"Just don't give up, and you'll get there."

That was the advice given to me by a couple of experienced hikers when I was trying to find an unmarked trail in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The end of the trail promised an amazing view to those who could reach it. In addition, there was the sense of accomplishment of reaching this summit after scrambling over rocks and steep terrain.

Of course, that advice isn't just applicable to a hike. It's good advice for many situations we may find ourselves facing.

For financial aid professionals, there are a lot of those challenging situations right now – just one of which is the upcoming September 30 deadline to file the 2023-24 Fiscal Operations Report and Application to Participate (FISAP). I imagine even experienced professionals completing the FISAP sometimes need help as they scramble through the challenging terrain. In addition to help from colleagues, another source of assistance is the Department of Education training course posted this past July.

The hikers pointed me to the trail, and I started hiking up the mountainside. The trail soon disappeared into the underbrush and became more of a climb. I went one way and scooted around a boulder. No, that was not the right spot. After a few more tries and some scratches on my hands and arms, I found the spot.

Without those two hikers pointing me in the right direction, I never would have made it. All I needed was a little help and some good advice.

– By Catherine Mueller



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