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November 11, 2021
Vol. 13 - Issue 22

Thanking Veterans

The pursuit of an education is a precious freedom.

Tool helps veterans estimate educational benefits

It may be impossible to repay the sacrifice of our veterans, but one attempt is taxpayer-supported educational benefits.

"Understanding taxes – The basics and beyond" webinar scheduled

As a financial aid professional, you already face many challenges in reviewing tax documents of students and parents in the verification process.

Steps to repayment flyer updated

With student loan repayment set to begin February 1, your former students may be asking for guidance.

Department creates "Return to Repayment" toolkit

With a little more than two months before borrowers must resume repayment of their student loans, the Department of Education has prepared a communications toolkit for the industry.

Two important reasons for the Student Aid Report

Compared to the financial aid offer, the SAR may seem like an unimportant document when it comes to getting funding for college.

Department clarifies guidance for treatment of name, image, and likeness compensation in the awarding of financial aid

Although it may not be an issue for too many students, nonetheless, compensation for a student's name, image, and likeness could cause some confusion when awarding federal financial aid.



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