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FSA ID changes

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Someday we'll be using a human barcode to apply for financial aid.

Well, maybe. Who knows? Maybe it will be a retinal scan. Whatever, the technology used, we know that changes are coming, and researchers are looking at all kinds of ways to determine we are who we say we are.

In the meantime, we have the FSA ID.

No doubt, there have been some challenges for students and families with the FSA ID. However, the Department of Education announced several improvements to the process that will take effect on May 14, 2017, including:

  • Text messaging will be an option for account recovery.
  • The fifth challenge question ("significant date") will become optional.
  • Enhanced navigation on the User Account Management pages will simplify account changes.
  • The option to link a Federal Student Aid PIN to the user's FSA ID will be removed.
  • A disclaimer prior to log-in will warn against unauthorized usage by third-party for-profit entities..
  • Several new video tutorials on the FSA ID website will assist users with the new processes.

In addition, a new fact sheet, "Creating and Using Your FSA ID," will be available on and the FSA ID website in early June 2017.

To further help your students and parents with the FSA ID, encourage them to attend "Creating and using your FSA ID for students and parents," a webinar offered by Mapping Your Future on Thursday, April 20. It's easy to sign up for it – no ID or human barcode required.


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