Mapping Your Future: Toll-free number helps students, schools


Toll-free number helps students, schools

By Beth Ziehmer

March 09, 2017

In today's world, telephone bills don't depend as much on whether you make a toll call or a toll-free call, but it's still nice to have the toll-free option. This is especially true if that means the caller has the opportunity to get the staff member who is next in line for a call. The Mapping Your Future toll-free number provides another communication vehicle for students, as well as financial aid professionals, to get answers to a variety of questions.

Most college students need help understanding all the issues related to paying for college and often just need someone they can talk to about it. Other times they have a question about completing Online Counseling or uploading a document through MappingXpress. Many students have said they appreciate being able to speak with someone directly about their issue or question. Financial aid professionals also get assistance ranging from resetting passwords to questions about Online Counseling content or MappingXpress.

The toll-free number is (800) 374-4072 and is operational from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central time. The number is displayed in the Online Counseling sessions, in MappingXpress, on the Financial Aid Professionals tab, and on the Contact Us page. Callers may leave a voice mail message if they initially do not reach a staff member, and will receive a returned call. Staff members' direct numbers are still operational and may continue to be used.

It is a priority of our team to have quick, accurate, courteous responses to all customers. We don't always have the complete answer, but having been a part of the financial aid industry, we can help the school or student find the answer they need.