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Recording available from "Creating and using the FSA ID for students and parents" webinar April 27, 2017
Students and parents may have questions about the Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID.

May tasks for high school seniors April 26, 2017
As your senior year winds down, don't let yourself become distracted by solely focusing on celebrating graduation.

Participating Members, schools in Sponsored states benefit from Member resources April 20, 2017
Mapping Your Future's Membership Program provides access to several Member resources that institutions have come to depend on from Mapping Your Future.

Exit counseling resources available April 19, 2017
You know your students and how to best reach them with important information.

Webinar recording from "Creating and using the FSA ID for high school, college professionals" available April 19, 2017
High school and college professionals know that the FSA ID is intended to protect personal information when students, parents, and borrowers complete the FAFSA and log into federal websites.

Free webinars offered by Mapping Your Future to enhance individual financial wellness April 13, 2017
To manage your personal finances successfully, you need an understanding of important financial tools and techniques.

IRS Data Retrieval Tool likely unavailable until fall 2017 April 05, 2017
The IRS and FSA announced the Data Retrieval Tool won't be available until extra security measures are implemented, which will likely be in the fall of 2017.

Webinar materials from "Verification: Dealing with the top issues for 2017-18" available April 05, 2017
The one thing everyone who works in financial aid verification can say is — their job is never boring.

Celebrate college decision day April 04, 2017
It's a decision that will impact your life significantly.

The benefit of being a college student when it comes to filing taxes April 03, 2017
Among the benefits of being a college student are the tax credits and deductions that come along with that status.

April tasks for high school seniors April 01, 2017
As your senior year winds down, don't let yourself become distracted by solely focusing on celebrating graduation.

Internal Revenue Service and Federal Student Aid issue statement on IRS Data Retrieval Tool March 30, 2017
To protect sensitive taxpayer data, the IRS and FSA announced today the Data Retrieval Tool on and will be unavailable until extra security protections can be added.

Mapping Your Future services support state and private student loan providers March 30, 2017
Both private and state loans may become more prevalent in the higher education marketplace due to possible changes at the federal level and an increasing interest by state-based organizations to provide higher education funding resources for students.